The second edition of the Montreal Summit on Innovation, which will focus on “Innovative Districts,” is an initiative of McGill University and École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), in partnership with the City of Montreal. The concept of “innovative district” is broadly defined and includes any project, present or future, which creates a balanced ecosystem combining knowledge, creativity, wealth creation, and employment in an urban environment.

The objective of this event is to bring together stakeholders from major projects related to innovative districts around the world. This, in turn, will foster a high-level dialogue that will identify best practices for the planning and management of innovative districts. This summit will also lay the groundwork for an informal network between districts, feeding exchanges on a continuous basis.

This second edition of the Montreal Summit on Innovation will take place over two days.

The first day will be open to the public and will offer six innovative districts the opportunity to present on one of three themes:

For this first day, the target audiences are persons and organizations interested in harmonious, innovative, wealth-generating and sustainable urban planning. For further details, please refer to the detailed information on page "Program".

On the second day, some 50 international participants (representatives from “innovative districts,” experts, academics, etc.) will privately convene in order to explore in depth the three themes listed above and identify best practices and key factors for success.

All discussions will be conducted in English, but simultaneous translation in French will be available on the first day.

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