Smart and Sustainable Grids:
Economic and Social Impacts

Luncheon - Topics:

  • The importance of smart grids for companies
  • The economic, environmental and social impacts of smart grids

All Day - Topics:

  • Presentation of the Latest Global Smart Grid Federation Report
  • How Can ICT Contribute to Sustainable Development Efforts by Creating, Green Smart Grids?
  • The role of governments in developing Smart Grids and Smart Cities
  • Presentation of the key findings of the GeSI SMARTer 2020 Report: The Role of ICT in Driving a Sustainable Future
  • Smart Grid Project in Jeju Island (South Korea)
  • ICT Aspects of the Stockholm Royal Seaport’s Urban Smart Grid Project (Sweden)

The objective of this 3e edition of the Montreal Summit on innovation is to identify smart grids best practices.

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